Technology and Education: Do they go hand in hand?

27 Nov

A student’s viewpoint on the Technology and Education movement


3 Responses to “Technology and Education: Do they go hand in hand?”

  1. Matt November 27, 2011 at 9:43 pm #

    Can we afford to forget the past in the effort to move onto the future? I’m not talking about making sure students can drive a standard or use an abacus, but can students of the future spell correctly without little red squiggles? Can they add? or the real challenge, divide? Integration of technology sounds great, which it can be, but at what cost? I am not opposed to using technology and teaching our students whats on the cutting edge, but I am opposed to allowing students to leave high school without fundamental working knowledge of math, science, english, etc. Would you hire an employee that spells something wrong on their application like “Schedual” or fails to be able to read a clock? Before we can frame the house of an individual we have to pour a solid foundation. Some students get to high school with a well poured concrete foundation, some show up with a pile of field stones waiting for someone to put them together. Putting that foundation together is essential before further learning can continue, and last time I checked, there isn’t an app for building foundations.

    • Amy December 4, 2011 at 1:25 am #

      You are right on the money here. I am definitely pro-technology in the classroom. If you can’t fight against something, fight with it, right? For example, I have used classroom blogs that have worked really well because students can relate to the mode of communication. There are so many ways to apply technology to student work. The real issue is that students don’t just utilize technology – they DEPEND on it. As an English teacher who must read in-class essays, it’s devastating. Spell check is a great tool, but has actually ruined my life. The number of spelling errors I see on a daily basis is appalling, and I’m not sure how to truly prepare them for the real world because I know they are just going to go home and look up the answer or have the words autocorrected for them.

    • gayle December 4, 2011 at 1:40 am #

      I agree with Matt. I am all for technology but at the same time, the students need to have the foundation first. I have students that need a calculator to answer 2+9 = 11. I get presentations that haven’t been read through or taken the time to analyze and make sure their answers make logically sense. Students need teachers, parents, and the community to take the time and help them create their foundation. I look around and some of these students have no foundation and no support to fall back on. We need to change that environment so the students can take advantage of the technology not be chained to it.

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