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Using iPads in the Classroom

27 Nov

iPads in the Classroom: A great Google site with tools to use iPads in your classroom
100+ iPad Apps Perfect for the High School Classroom

In this video, a first grade classroom takes you on a tour of their day-to-day use of iPads. Adorable!

In this video, a middle school teacher goes through his experiment with iPads in the classroom by focusing it on a “literacy project where students used iPads to create their own Digital Documentary”

Here are some links to other videos I found interesting. I love how the students were all incorporated, and each video showcases a different lesson in which the iPad is the main technology tool.

iPads in the Classroom: Kindergarten
Kindergarten classroom tour of using the iPad to learn reading and writing skills

The 3R’s: Using iPad in Reading
Using traditional reading tools with the iPad in an elementary classroom

Student Using iPad to Reinforce Lesson
Footage of one elementary student using an iPad app to reinforce a classroom lesson

Using iPod [Touches] in Our Classroom for the First Time
What happens when iPod Touches are used in one elementary classroom for the first time

How do iPads fit into the classroom dynamic? Are they merely just “another tool” or something worthwhile?