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Did You Know?

27 Nov

Did You Know? A look into the future of technology in the classroom. Created in 2008, this video speaks volumes.


If this interested you, there was an update done in 2009. See the video below.


How do we get students to respond?

27 Nov


In his comics, Charles Shulz, “would show the children looking up at something and responding as if spoken to: “Yes sir” and “I understand” and so on. In the animated series, the teacher made an odd, comical sound instead of talking, the closest representation in typing being along the lines of “Wah wah woh wah wah”.”

“As in the comic, the viewer was meant to wonder what the adults were saying by observing the kids’ reactions

So, the big question…. How do we get students to respond to our instruction?

For more Cool Technology Resources, visit ED367’s Class Wikispace for lists of websites.

Technology Educators Should Be Thankful For

27 Nov

This Thanksgiving... Give Thanks to Social Networking

Technology Educators Should Be Thankful For

A look at how far we have come…